Psyke59gradernord is a consulting agency that supports children and youth with special needs. We also work with adults who are struggling with people who are good at manipulating and destroying. Psyke59gradernord is leading by Anna Busch.

Anna worked for several years in various positions as a support teacher and with the supervision of children. From the time she was confronted with high intelligence and autism in her own environment, and found that there is often a mismatch that can occur between intellectual and social skills of the child at school and at home, she began to specialize in child psychology. Meanwhile, she received her master’s in clinical psychology.

Psyke59gradernord places the well-being of people central. The qualities of the child participating in the learning process from a positive self-image, self-confidence and desire to learn, will be much more pronounced than for a child that is not understood, not supported or doesn’t feel recognized. The learning environment and how it meets the learning needs or learning strategy in connection with e.g. autism, ADHD or high intelligence of the child is of exceptional importance. Based on this view, children are supported within mainstream education.

Anna wrote her thesis: Stress and Psychosis 59° North in 2012. Through this study, it was questioned whether there are three dimensions of subclinical psychotic symptoms in the Norwegian population and if any of these are related to stress. This led to a new, scientifically based and effective therapeutic approach to the deep trauma caused by prolonged interaction with people suffering from psychopathy.