Presumably, one in 20 people are suffering – in more or less serious way – of psychopathy. Diagnoses are rare, and when we hear about it it is usually in connection with serious crimes that have great resonance and coverage in the media. The majority of cases of psychopathy, however, are not recognized.

These people who have the illness are causing much suffering in families, at work, in clubs, at school or in the neighborhood. Are you an attorney, do you work in the health care sector, are you a personnel consultant or recruiter, teacher or counselor? You will certainly meet people suffering from psychopathy. Recognition can be very difficult. To deal with it will be even more difficult.

To recognize psychopathy and to handle it is an essential professional skill, necessary for your customers, employees or students to assist with the right advice and help to avoid collision with handy, manipulative and destructive people.

Through this website you can get advice for recognizing and dealing with psychopathy. 

You can find information on:

Background information about psychopathy,

Primary characteristics and stereotyping, and

Presentations about psychopathy.