I see little respect for the typically feminine. What is feminine is criticized as weak. And interestingly, mostly criticized by women, rarely by men.

Caring for your family is regarded as submissive.

Soft is seen as weak.

Modest is meaningless.

Decent equates to prudish.

Not suitable for competing with men at work is seen as unambitious.

And when you are sensitive, you must be sorry.


They say that the future is feminine. Huh? By behaving as a woman like... a man?

Hmmm... That doesn’t sound quite right to me!


When I look around me

I see women dressed as men, without a hint of femininity, and I see men in skinny jeans with narrow shoulders and their V-neck shirts. That makes me wonder whether we all are on the right track. I think we should embrace femininity as women and let men to be men again if we want a future. 

When I look around me

I get the idea that many women no longer want this. Smart young women start blogs and YouTube channels where they say they want to go back to their femininity. But it's not easy. Because our parents, schools and the whole society leave little room for traditional female qualities.

If you want to take care of your family, you must justify and hear comments about how you are left empty-handed if the man dies prematurely. You have to justify what you do all day.

But feminism is anti-femininity, anti-family and anti-tradition. Because all the people in the 6 million years before us knew nothing. With their crazy role patterns and culturally determined gender roles. However, being a woman and being a female are two different things. Putting on a dress or your face full of makeup does not make you a woman.

As a woman, try using your senses more. Be more attentive. Make your environment as beautiful as possible. Make yourself more beautiful, keep your house as clean as possible. Educate and raise your children as well as possible, with good (table) manners and a different message in the ears than society rams down their throats. Show them how you have a happy marriage and how happy they are that they don't have to go to the day-care. 


Society seems to prefer that we work hard for a boss, are independent (how is working hard for a boss being independent?), learn how you can do better for your boss and customers, earn a lot of money for an even bigger house, two or more cars, and a number of times a year on vacation to tropical places.

Can it be even more superficial? 


Turn your house into a home. Where the children love to return to. Where there is a father or mother who takes care of them, listens to them and does homework with them. Where there is room to learn and to fail. Where children can develop into stable people. Better people. Happier people. 


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